Policy Center

CLUB 20 has ten standing committees: Agriculture, Business Affairs, Education & Workforce Development, Energy, Health Care, Public Lands & Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation and Water.



Any CLUB 20 member can participate in one or more committees.  The committees meet twice a year before the spring and fall membership meetings.  Participation includes being able to propose and vote on proposed policy resolutions.  Any resolution approved at the committee level will be recommended to and approved by the Board of Directors at either the spring meeting in April or the fall meeting in September before becoming CLUB 20 policy.



Committees may meet more than twice per year, at the discretion of the Committee Chairman or the Chairman of the Board.  Interim committees, subcommittees and task forces also are convened at the Committee or Board Chairmen’s discretion when an issue merits further discussion.  If the interim committee, subcommittee or task force develops proposed policies, the proposals will proceed through the usual committee and Board approval processes.


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