CLUB 20 leadership is convinced that, by working together, the Western Slope can help shape the destiny of Colorado and the West, and continue to serve as the "Voice of the Western Slope"

CLUB 20 Executive Committee
The Board selects an Executive Committee to oversee CLUB 20’s internal management. The Executive Committee ensures staff is working for the advancement of CLUB 20’s goals within the policy parameters as defined by the Board.

CLUB 20 Executive Committee

Board of Directors
The Board consists of one voting delegate and up to two alternates from each of the 22 counties within CLUB 20's region. Board members meet twice a year – in Spring and Fall - to discuss and approve policy issues that guide CLUB 20.

CLUB 20 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are selected for each of CLUB 20's 10 policy committees by the Chairman of the Board to provide guidance on issues specific to each policy committee. Policy Chairs are: 

Agriculture: J Paul Brown and Les Mergelman

Business Affairs: Phil Vaughan

Education & Workforce Development: Derek Wagner & Steve Schultz

Energy: Jerry Nettleton & Cary Baird

Health Care: Steve Reynolds & George Trantow

Public Lands & Natural Resources: Nancy Fishering & Brad McCloud

Telecommunications: Jim English & Virgil Turner

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation: Tom Kleinschnitz & Tammie Thompson-Booker

Transportation: Terri Binder & Ray Beck

Water: Chris Treese & Marti Whitmore

CLUB 20 Staff

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